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­Fire resistance shutters

Fire shutter is becoming a popular option for enhancing fire resistance of an establishment or structure.  When compared with standard fire rated door and shutter, fire shutter is designed with a mechanism to detect fire and to activate itself automatically. 

In most cases, the fire shutter is connected to a fire alarm system to produce an overall alert, sending out warning to  and at close proximity to the location of the fire.

  • Escalator-purpose design uses high quality phosphate galvanised steel with reinforced interlocking groove.

Insulated Fire Shutter

Insulated roller shutters are fabricated to match the highest standards and its design ideal solution for any modern architecture, whether industrial, commercial, retail or domestic environments. The Aluminum slates are pre-painted with UV resistant paints and steel slates are PVC foil.

  • This is highly recommended for basement car parks, commercial buildngs and shopping malls where the public safety is concerned in the event of fire safety and security.

Lateral Sliding Shutters

The Lateral Sliding Shutters also known as the Pathwinder Shutters is ideal for compartmentalizing large areas such as atriums, center architectural voids; small kiosk and shop fronts with low or minimal space allowance for shutter box as well as large and tall openings required to be segregated when needed.

Can also be applied to both straight or curving traveling path to suit most architectural design for compartmentation.

  • Straight or Curving Travel Path.
  • Single-span or double-span at varied lengths.
  • Motorized and non-motorized method of closure.
  • Air pressure safety bottom sensor
  • Wireless remote control
  • Typhoon rated designs
  • Guide silencer strips

Horizontal Shutters

Horizontal roller shutters are a sustainable and cost effective solution to protecting your space from above. Horizontal roller shutter doors are suitable for anything you wish to contain whether that be a private swimming pool or industrial lift. These can also provide protection from fire for up to 60 minutes.

Horizontal shutters offer extensive benefits including…

  • Added security
  • Increased safety and protection
  • Great for securing storage


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