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Electrical Design Service

Electrical Design

If you are looking to save precious resources and yet have a high-quality service delivered, then outsourcing electrical layout engineering services is the way to go. With Bromatrix you can be sure that all your projects are approached with the same commitment, enthusiasm, and care, they deserve.

offers services that boast of enhanced productivity, unmatched quality, and maximized profitability. As a proven leader in electrical technology, we able to develop and design working processes for electrical design layout that comply with international industry standards.

We offers end-to-end product design and layout services. We have a reputation in the industry for consistently providing high-quality, innovative, and state-of-the-art commercially-ready solutions.

Whether it is custom electric layout services, or electrical lighting design services, at firm safety is our primary concern. Our team of experts is well-versed with the standards set by the Industry. We following international standards in day-to-day operations.

Our end-to-end approach has taught us that understanding the clients’ requirement should always be the primary objective.



271 (old no. 131) Linghi chetty street, Chennai - 600001

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