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Escalators Lifts

Escalators Lifts

Well-designed lifts and escalators enhance the operational efficiency of a building. We understand that for building operators, ensuring that these facilities are efficient, safe and reliable is crucial.
Covering commercial, retail, high-rise accommodation and more, our team of highly experienced engineers provide support at all stages of a project life-cycle.

For existing installations, whether the equipment requires modernisation or even full replacement, our engineers will evaluate and recommend solutions  facilities’ needs.

Our elevator and escalator design will consider the building’s current and future population density. We will ensure the lift contractor will install the appropriate quality, resulting in reliable operations, during the equipment lifetime.

We place a high importance on not only the design and efficiency of these facilities but also on rigorous safety testing and compliance. We continue to partner with clients long after the installation has taken place, to help manage and undertake the facilities’ maintenance and provide peace of mind that the lifts and escalators are safe and compliant.

We use the latest, and the best technologies and techniques to design and manufacture whole products line. 


271 (old no. 131) Linghi chetty street, Chennai - 600001

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