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Smoke curtain

Smoke curtain

Smoke curtains and barriers are electrically operated automatic designed to prevent the movement of smoke & heat from one area to another in a fire. From the unique faceted circular smoke curtain installed to protect Apple’s Shanghai store’s spiral staircase from smoke migration to the complex smoke control system employed in London’s iconic Gherkin, we’ve developed a wide range of BS EN certified smoke curtains to work with every building in every possible application.

Smoke Curtains are used to control the movement of smoke through a building in the event of a fire. They can either channel smoke to smoke extraction points or create reservoirs to slow its spread.  They remain virtually invisble when the curtain is stored in its retracted position within the compact headbox. When signalled by a local detector device or a fire alarm signal, they descend to the operational level above the floor.

Active and static smoke curtains can be used as a standalone smoke solution or incorporated into a complex smoke, heat, exhaust and ventilation system


    • Intelligent gravity fail-safe system
    • Aesthetically neutral solution
    • Low running & maintenance costs
    • Ensures escape & rescue routes are smoke-free during an evacuation
    • Lightweight & easy to install
    • Designed to be integrated into smoke, heat & exhaust ventilation systems


    271 (old no. 131) Linghi chetty street, Chennai - 600001

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